V&A, London, The Photographs Gallery…

I went to the photography display at the Victoria and Albert Museum because my dentist is around the corner… but I was also interested in how the new display looked and what they had prioritised. Entering the history of photography is for me like going to a high school rejoining. There are always a representative for all the different types and some are very familiar to you and some are not, but still you have met others from their gang. So it is a mixture of the sweetness of being reminded of past friends and the bitter boredom of not enough surprises. Having said that I liked the exhibition and it’s companioning text.

My main reminder and inspiration from the show was:

  • how much I love a beautiful analogue photographic print.
  • how the manipulation of prints have been around since the dawn of photographic practice, be it drawing, painting on the print or cutting in the photograph to use it for collage.
  • I loved the embossed makers marks, on some of the early photographs.

Sorry about the bad snaps… they are quick sketches meant to be memory triggers…

About Andrea Jespersen

I am a visual artist with a practice that explores how conceptual deliberations and the hand made can co-exist. Check my website for documentation of artworks.
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