Still Photography?

Still Photography? A discussion around the new and revised image-making processes illustrated in Photo50 and how they challenge definitions of photography. Panel includes Simon Baker (Curator of Photography and International Art at Tate), Sue Steward (curator Photo50), Laura Noble (Director, Diemar/Noble) and Esther Teichmann (artist and Senior Lecturer at the London College of Communications).

Panel discussions are interesting set ups that beautifully mirror social interactions generally. Are people on the panel generally interested in each others views? Or is it simply a case of getting your word in…not worrying about quality but rather aiming for quantity?

This panel discussion ran pretty smoothly; words didn’t need to be pulled from the speakers they happily joined in.

I was interested in Simon Baker reminding us all that drawing and photography has been connected since the invention of photography. Early photographers would regularly have an assistance (often female) that would paint/draw highlights on the photographic print (or etch glass negatives).

About Andrea Jespersen

I am a visual artist with a practice that explores how conceptual deliberations and the hand made can co-exist. Check my website for documentation of artworks.

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