Big, Bang, Biospheres and Beyond ; Astronomer Lord Martin Rees

In November 2012, I went to the Annual Science Lecture at the Natural History Museum given by Lord Martin Rees. A brilliant talk about the origins of the universe, the possibility of life elsewhere and the future where space exploration will be computer led with us humans staying on earth.

I have waited till now to mention this talk since I had hoped that it would be uploaded for everybody to enjoy. Unfortunately the only bits I could find was this embedded video [thanks to I,Science’s Tom Bragg] which only has a short extract from the lecture that lasted over an hour. But, it does end with my favourite quote from the evening… ‘we are the nuclear waste’.

I did in the end find this link to a Rees lecture in Sydney that as far as I can hear is roughly the same talk as the one I heard in London…

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