Consciousness: The hard problem?

This is a trailer, for the live event on 7th of March at the Royal Institute (London), but hopefully the event itself will come online too.–consciousness-the-hard-problem-trailer

The Guardian science correspondent Alok Jha is having a conversation with Dr Anil Seth, Prof Barry Smith, and Prof Chris Frith about consciousness. It was reassuring to hear Dr Anil Seth pointing out that even if we did understand everything about how the brain works (how all the neurons interact, how neurons transform sensuous data into actions or memories) we still wouldn’t understand why any of these physical operations should be accompanied with subjective experiences. Professor Chris Frith (involved with the psychological aspect of neuroscience) gave an interesting reference to the above. A famous patient called DF that can’t anymore recognise shapes like a cup by looking at it, can by reaching out and touching it decipher that it is indeed a cup. It was also good to hear philosopher Barry C Smith pointing out that consciousness is not a single thing…

Yes! The RI did upload the talk, here is the link…–presentations

About Andrea Jespersen

I am a visual artist with a practice that explores how conceptual deliberations and the hand made can co-exist. Check my website for documentation of artworks.

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